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Recoletos incorporates carbon footprint certification into its Compliance services

Recoletos&Spasei Group obtains the Madrid Excelente quality seal of approval

Free risk management audit for Madrid Excelente certified companies, by Recoletos Consultores

Madrid Excelente certifies Recoletos Consultores for the excellence of its business management

Interview from the newspaper La Razón to Esteban Cembellín, CEO of Recoletos Consultores & Spasei Group.

Cáritas chooses Recoletos Consultores to manage its insurance program

Recoletos Consultores and ASTIC sign an agreement in the area of Compliance

Acor launches an insurance advisory service in collaboration with Recoletos Consultores

INESE. Services for the insurance sector

Is it true that if I have a meat factory, the European Union's CO₂ lay is going to make me close it?

5 keys to rebutting Objections in Insurance Consulting and Business Risk Management

CSRD, is it a problem or an opportunity? How to adapt to the new business sustainability regulations

How to Implement the New Employment Pension Plan in the Construction Sector: An Essential Guide

Recoletos incorporates carbon footprint certification into its Compliance services

Cookieless, the Future without Cookies: Innovative Strategies for Digital Marketing in the Age of Privacy

Delphis, Recoletos delegation develops the risk management area of ​​Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid

Recoletos & SPASEI Group teaches a cybersecurity day for the members of the Unión de Almacenistas de Hierros de España (UAHE)

How to implement microsegmentation in the insurance sector

Importance of implementing a Socio-Labor Integration Plan

Advantages of having a profile on social networks for an insurance broker

Development of new Business Areas in Insurance Brokers: A path to Success

The Recoletos & SPASEI Group updates its regulatory compliance program

Recoletos Consultores launches version 5.0 of its Digital Platform

Benefits of a CRM for an insurance broker

Recognition of Professional Excellence in the Recoletos & SPASEI Group

Javier García joins the Marketing & Communication department of Recoletos & SPASEI

Roberto Pérez tells us about his professional career towards the creation of his brokerage with the support of Recoletos

Afelin promotes its risk management area by renewing the agreement with Recoletos Consultores

How to diversify your savings and investment tools to improve your personal economy

SmartLou Abogados interviews Cándido Povedano, Director of Asfalión Asesores (Grupo Recoletos)

CESCE organizes a training day for the Recoletos Group

Eva G. Mastrofilippo new delegate of Recoletos Consultores

Eduardo Parra, delegate of Recoletos, gives a talk on D&O of cleaning companies, at the VIII Encuentro Empresarial AELMA-AFELIN

Taxes Reduction, second finance session of Ortiz Risk Management

Xavier Cantón, Director of Catalonian Recoletos Smart Broker, gives a seminar on civil liability and insurance at the University of Barcelona

Ortiz Risk Management, independent delegation of Recoletos Consultores, presents its investment savings advisory service

Compliance as a competitive advantage: key to business success

Ana M. Vaduva joins the Recoletos team as Compliance Coordinator

Business approach to Risk Management at Recoletos Consultores

Beatriz Hernández joins Recoletos & Spasei's Marketing & Communications department.

How to develop a business plan in the insurance sector. Strategic approach

Recoletos Consultores presents the Finance and Investment area

Recoletos highlights last quarter as key in the field of risk management

Recoletos is looking for professionals to strengthen various positions in key areas

The Hockey Clube Coruña Feminino develops its risk management area with Recoletos Catalonian.

EHV (Recoletos) develops the risk management department of Asesoría Monzón.

Recoletos explains why to take out Professional Liability Insuranc

Recoletos explains what flexible remuneration is and what benefits it provides

Recoletos highlights the importance of training in its digital newsletter

What happens to us with mediation training?

Recoletos Consultores interviews the managing partners of Ortiz Risk Management

Recoletos develops 5 new delegations as high performance brokerage firms

Magdalena Hoyos and Jorge Martín, new members of the Recoletos team

Testimonial of the MadridNorte Delegate on his experience with Recoletos Consultores

Esteban Cembellín, CEO of Recoletos & Spasei, takes stock of the first two decades of the group

EHV (Recoletos) highlights the work of the risk manager in the company

Asi Hogar develops a Risk Management Dept. with Ludac (Recoletos)

Grupo Recoletos & Spasei incorporates 6 new delegations

SegurosNews interviews Esteban Cembellín, CEO of Recoletos Group & Spasei

Recoletos interviews the deputy director general of the Madrid College of Pharmacists

Can a local broker compete with a large broker? Of course, and with competitive advantages

The insurance intermediary, the best exponent and reflection of our society

AJE Cadiz signs an agreement with Asfalion (Recoletos) on cybersecurity issues

Mercedes de Pablo (Recoletos) highlights the professionalism of the broker as opposed to the banking sector

Recoletos Group grows 21% in business volume and strengthens its team

AXA awards the Best Integrated Management Award to Spasei

Recoletos helps entrepreneurs in the cleaning sector to manage their risks

Recoletos & Spasei grew by over 21% in 2022

Recoletos highlights the importance of the risk manager in the company

Recoletos sponsors the 50th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention

Recoletos develops the risk management area of the entrepreneurs from the Villares

The association of the entrepreneurs from industrial estate of the Villares makes an agreement with Recoletos Consultores for the safety of its members.

Eduardo Ortiz (Recoletos), graduate of the Postgraduate Course in Risk Management of AGERS

October, a key month in commercial management for risk managers

Digital Newsletter of Recoletos &Spasei Group, September 2022

Recoletos Consultores incorporates the "Pack Ciber" to all its delegates

Recoletos launches an associate delegation in Salamanca

Recoletos launches 'Recoletos Smart Broker Madrid Norte'.

Recoletos analyzes why risk management is essential for every company

Cándido Povedano reveals his experience in the development of his brokerage with Recoletos

Recoletos & Spasei Group plans the last four-month period after the summer break

EHV develops the risk management department of Asesoría Estibaliz Cubas

Recoletos celebrates the return to face-to-face working days

Recoletos ERD signs an agreement with tourism professionals

Recoletos Consultores, at ACOR's 60th anniversary celebration

Recoletos & Spasei Group publishes the May edition of its Digital Newsletter

Recoletos Consultores explains how to correctly manage cyber risks

Recoletos Consultores starts the development of 4 new offices

Recoletos Consultores shows the essential keys in the organization of an efficient work team.

Recoletos & Spasei Group inaugurates new office in Valladolid

Recoletos Consultores analyzes the reform of the food supply chain law.

Recoletos Consultores remarks the importance of the risk manager in the company

Hugo Guevara, new Business Development Coordinator for Grupo Recoletos & Spasei

Recoletos Consultores shows 5 essential tools and how to get the most out of them

Recoletos ERD and COPADE Foundation sign a collaboration agreement for the development of Fair Trade policies.

Recoletos Consultores offers a selection of tips on how to organize effective business meetings.

Recoletos&Spasei Gropup has been committed to digitalization since its inception.

TST Consultores, Recoletos delegation, organizes a webinar to advise wedding and event professionals in the Balearic Islands

Asfalion, delegation of Recoletos Consultores, gives a second webinar on Cybersecurity with AJE Cádiz

Asegura Consultoría celebrates its 6th anniversary advising on insurance to pharmacies in Madrid

Recoletos Consultores reports on new Compliance challenges: Whistleblower Channel

Why is a risk management department and insurance programs essential to the management of any business?

Recoletos Consultores reports on new Compliance challenges: IT Compliance

Diario de Fuerteventura interviews Eduardo Hernandez, Director of EHV, independent delegation of Recoletos in Las Palmas.

Recoletos Consultores develops Afelin's Risk Management area.

Recoletos Consultores reports on new challenges for Compliance: Equality Plan

Recoletos Consultores incorporates 3 new independent delegations in February

Recoletos ERD sponsors Torrelodones Rugby Club U-16 team

Reasons to become an insurance broker in times of COVID-19

Recoletos Consultores launches a training program in insurance, risks and sales techniques

Recoletos & Spasei Group keeps growing in 2021

Recoletos Consultores summarizes in a special newsletter "Highlights 2021" some of the keys to the magnificent year closed by its delegations

Recoletos Consultores celebrates its 20th anniversary and is positioned as the absolute leader in the development of insurance brokerages

Are you in the insurance industry? 8 keys to managing your customer portfolio

Become an insurance broker in times of Covid-19? It's time to make a professional decision for the future.

María Martínez (Recoletos &Spasei Group), Professional Excellence Award 2021

Recoletos&Spasei Group, leader in the development of high-performance insurance brokerages

Keys to the success of Meprosegur, Independent Delegation of Recoletos Consultores

Recoletos Consultores and Ancasa Asesores organize a free online course of "Sales Expert"

Professionals in the insurance sector keep selecting Recoletos Consultores to develop their insurance brokerage.

Recoletos Consultores informs its new Delegates about its Marketing and Communication services

Recoletos Consultores explains how to protect risks and liabilities of Managers and Companies.

Discover the differential advantages of Recoletos&Spasei Group.

Ancasa Asesores, sponsor of motorcycling rider Pablo Echeverry

New edition of the Recoletos Consultores Digital Newsletter.

Recoletos delegates tell us what the Recoletos & Spasei Group brings to them.

Recoletos Consultores incorporates 2 new delegations in September

Recoletos&Spasei Group incorporates Jorge Ferrer to its team.

The team at Recoletos Melgar, an independent delegation of Recoletos Consultores, explains the importance of private healthcare.

Interview with Eduardo Hernández Vera, director of EHV Consultoría de Seguros (independent delegation of Recoletos Consultores).

The webinar "Chaos vs Cybersecurity" given by Asfalion Asesores was a great success.

Collaboration agreement between EHV Consultoría de Seguros and Asesoría LMAR for insurance advice

"Chaos vs Cybersecurity". Online technical seminar organized by AJE Cádiz with the collaboration of Asfalion Asesores and Recoletos Ortiz, experts in risk management.

Recoletos Consultores shares the success story of Eduardo Ortiz, director of Recoletos Ortiz.

Recoletos Consultores shares a success story in the insurance sector: Alain Puyo, director of 365SEG.

Recoletos Noroeste signs a collaboration agreement with the Alvedro industrial estate in A Coruña.

EHV Consultoría de Seguros, a delegation of Recoletos Consultores in the province of Las Palmas, has signed a Collaboration Agreement with the law firm B&B Asociados.

The importance of complying with the Data Protection Regulation, explained by Carlos Peña, managing partner of Global Protection Gate (GPG), Recoletos Consultores' partner in GDPR matters

EHV Consultoría de Seguros, a delegation of Recoletos Consultores in the province of Las Palmas, has signed a Collaboration Agreement with the law firm B&B Asociados, to implement a new Risk Management department.

Recoletos Noroeste signs a collaboration agreement with the Espíritu Santo industrial estate

Risk management as a way out for insurance brokers

Recoletos Consultores holds a conference on new distributor training regulations

Recoletos Group adds two new additions to its network: Ivorra Insurance Consulting and Recoletos Maspalomas.

Recoletos Consultores launches a new edition of its Digital Newsletter

The insurance sector as a professional reinvention for former bank employees (III)

APROMES signs collaboration agreement with Recoletos Consultores

EHV Consultoría de Seguros, a delegation of Recoletos Consultores in the province of Las Palmas, has signed a Collaboration Agreement with Asesoría Umpierrez Rebordinos

The insurance sector, an option for the professional reinvention of bank employees (II)

EHV Consultoría de Seguros, Recoletos Consultores' delegation in the province of Las Palmas, Fuerteventura, announces the opening of its new consulting office.

The insurance sector, an option for the professional reinvention of bank employees (I)

Recoletos & Spasei Group incorporates a new independent delegation in the Balearic Islands: TST Insurance Consultant

Success of the technical seminar for wineries and the wine sector of Aragon

Recoletos Ortiz organizes a technical seminar for wineries and the wine sector of Aragón

Asegura Consultoría, the insurance area of the College of Pharmacy, an independent delegation of Recoletos Consultores, opens a new office in Granada

Continuous training is essential for the Insurance Broker

Why become an Insurance Broker in these times of crisis?

Recoletos Consultores incorporates three new independent delegations in March

Recoletos Consultores organizes a Webinar on Cyber Insurance

3 keys to working in the insurance sector that every professional should know

Julio Rollano "deluxe" speaker at the session on Transportation Insurance

Risk Management in an Consultancy and Insurance for companies and the self-employed, under analysis

How to start a project as a broker or insurance brokerage

3 keys to working in the insurance sector that every professional should know

Interview with Antonio Alberto Casado, director of Ancasa Consultores, independent delegation of Recoletos Consultores

Recoletos & Spasei Group will give a Seminar on Business Insurance: Products and Strategies.

Ancasa Consultores, a delegation of the Recoletos & Spasei Group, signs an agreement with the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Cordoba and the Chamber of Commerce of Cordoba.

Recoletos & Spasei Group spreads the experiences of its independent delegates

Independent delegates of Recoletos Consultores & Spasei Group renew after 5 years of experience.

Interview with Luis Manuel Martín, managing partner of Sigma Asesores, an independent delegation of Recoletos Consultores

Interview with F. Javier Barroso, director of Recoletos Toledo, an independent delegation of Recoletos Consultores.

Interview with Luis Camarero, director of Meprosegur, an independent delegation of Recoletos Consultores in Toledo.

Recoletos & Spasei group awards José Luis Gil, head of the Production Department, the recognition for professional excellence.

Interview with Cándido Povedano and Wenting Sun, managing partners of Asfalion Asesores, independent delegation of Recoletos Consultores in Cádiz

Simón López de Heredia, new coordinator and deputy to the management in the Development of Delegations of Recoletos Consultores

Esteban Cembellín |The Business Plan that every mediator should have

Esteban Cembellín : Future options: Should I invest, sell, divest, integrate, specialize?

Recoletos Consultores organizes a free seminar on construction insurance

Recoletos Consultores adapts the websites of its independent delegations to the new Cookie Law

Esteban Cembellín (Recoletos): Is the insurance broker profession an attractive profession?

Recoletos Ortiz offers coverage to physical-sports educators in Aragon

Civil liability is our responsibility

Different positions on the possible increase in Civil liability claims

Possible price increase in Civil liability program renewals

Measures that Civil liability entities implement to cope with a hostile environment

Civil liability keeps up despite the effects of the pandemic

Why should I develop my insurance business in times of crisis?

Recoletos Consultores featured in INESE's guide to insurance consulting firms

Recoletos Consultores' delegations resume their routines

Recoletos & Spasei Group finalizes its strategy for the last four months of the year

Recoletos Consultores presents to its delegates the new features and strategy to close the year

Recoletos Consultores incorporates Noelia del Olmo and Milagros Villanes

Recoletos Consultores focuses on the importance of insurance advice during the COVID-19 crisis

Recoletos encourages business development in the insurance sector in times of crisis

Sedisa launches a new web space for the area of free advice to members

Recoletos incorporates four delegations during the state of alarm

Recoletos Consultores reinforces the importance of working on the client portfolio

Moment of opportunity for Recoletos & Spasei's delegations

Recoletos collaborates with Ciber Insurance Day, the first national congress on the world of #cyberinsurance.

Esteban Cembellín (Recoletos): "Advice is the competitive advantage that makes the figure of the broker essential".

Recoletos Ortiz offers an informative conference on regulatory compliance for members of the Aragonese Association for Dependency - ARADE

Recoletos Ortiz and Arahealth Cluster organize a session on "cybersecurity and telework".

What is the key to success for an insurance broker today?

There are multiple risks that threaten many mediators in a crisis situation and with the new legislation in force.

Whitepaper: the main points of the recently transposed and approved IDD

Recoletos detects business opportunities in companies and groups in the Life and Health sector.

Recoletos Consultores proposes commercial actions to its independent delegates

Recoletos Consultores launches a free comprehensive consultancy service for companies and self-employed workers.

Recoletos promotes training through Youtube

Competitive advantages of developing an insurance brokerage company with Recoletos Consultores

Intense week of Recoletos &Spasei Group training days

Recoletos Consultores organizes a conference on insurance solutions for the construction industry

Recoletos Consultores organizes a conference at the Pontevedra Chamber of Commerce

Recoletos Consultores incorporates Ruth Domínguez to its Marketing Department.

Global Iris, new High Performance delegation of Recoletos Consultores in Valencia

Alberto Seoane, new RecoletosCiber coordinator

Recoletos Consultores delivers its "awards for excellence".

Recoletos & Spasei work day and Christmas celebration

Spasei takes stock and defines its strategy for 2020

Arahealth Cluster and Recoletos Consultores working day in Zaragoza

Recoletos Consultores incorporates the Canary Islands-based Vilvier Asesoras as an independent delegation

Interview with Esteban Cembellín, CEO of Recoletos Consultores

Recoletos Consultores and the Arahealth cluster join forces in partnership

Recoletos Consultores ensures the security of the websites of its independent delegations.

Recoletos Consultores and Hiscox hold a training day on Cyber and Civil liability

Recoletos Consultores and Dunas Capital sign collaboration agreement

Recoletos Consultores takes stock of its 15 years developing brokerages

Interview with Esteban Cembellín, CEO of RECOLETOS CONSULTORES

Interview with Eduardo Ortiz, Recoletos Consultores' delegate in Zaragoza

Universe Asesores resumes its insurance activity with Recoletos Consultores

Recoletos and Spasei add 5 professionals to their work team

Key aspects of liability insurance in the construction sector

The 5 keys to provide correct construction insurance advice launches together with Recoletos a Construction insurance website

Recoletos 365SEG delegation cements its expansion with Alain Puyo at the helm

Recoletos Consultores details "the attractiveness of the insurance broker profession".

Recoletos Consultores highlights the "exemplary collaboration" with Active Seguros

Recoletos Consultores has developed an APP available to its delegates.

Recoletos Ortiz organizes a technical seminar for businessmen at the Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce

Codeoscopic and Recoletos Consultores will collaborate to spread the "Pack Recoletos Ciber".

Recoletos Consultores' 6 keys to the success of the best delegations

Recoletos Consultores explains what CyberInsurance consists of and its coverages

Recoletos Consultores develops the advisory department of the Spanish Society of Health Managers.

CofmS31 presents Recoletos Futura Total Pack to pharmacists to prevent cyber-attacks

Recoletos Consultores puts Cyber Security within everyone's reach

Recoletos Consultores warns executives without D&O insurance

This is how Recoletos Consultores helped Raúl Rocafull to launch his brokerage project

Ana Mª Gallego, new delegate in Fuentidueña de Tajo for Recoletos Consultores

Recoletos Consultores highlights the importance of D&O insurance for all executives

Recoletos Consutores advises on the obligation of companies to have Equality Plans

Recoletos Consultores opens new delegation in Pontevedra

Recoletos Consultores is committed to advising, in view of the Supreme Court ruling on D&O

Luis Camarero is committed to providing advice to companies and the self-employed.

M. de Pablo renews its contract as a delegation of Recoletos Consultores in Cantalejo Segovia. incorporates civil liability for doctors in all its specialties to its rate calculator.

Javier Amado at the head of Recoletos Ciudad Real consolidates as a delegation of Recoletos Consultores in La Mancha

Recoletos Consultores offers 10 security basics to minimize cyber threats

Recoletos Ortiz negotiates accident insurance for COLEFA members

Recoletos Ciber: A tool for the security of your company

Recoletos Consultores provides its delegates with the most innovative service lines in the market.

Recoletos Consultores and Lazarus Technology present the #PackRecoletosFutura

Recoletos Toledo Seminar on 'Executive Protection Program'’

Recoletos Consultores joins Club Cámara Empresa Red in Zaragoza

Recoletos Consultores and SPASEI move towards service optimization

Recoletos Consultores sponsors Cosital's Local Administration Training Seminars

SPASEI incorporates Alberto Martín as administration and systems manager

Recoletos Consultores and SPASEI bring together their delegates in a working session

Asegura Consultoría warns of the low level of insurance of pharmacists in Madrid

Recoletos reinforces its compliance line

Recoletos Consultores designs a protection pack for executives and companies

Albatros Marítimo starts a new phase

Continuity of insurance brokerage business and portfolios

Infopolizas (04/09/2018)

Recoletos consultores opens its Youtube channel

Grupo Aseguranza (03/28/2018)

New incorporations in Recoletos Consultores

Grupo Aseguranza (03/27/2018)

Recoletos Consultores presents its global security pack for executives

Recoletos Consultores holds a training day with Surne and Cigna

UEMC and Recoletos Ciber organize a conference on cybersecurity in Valladolid

Recoletos Consultores organizes the UEMC Risk Management specialization course

Recoletos Consultores analyzes the risks for executives

Recoletos Toledo organizes a conference on protection of executives

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